I Jegersberg ved Kristiansand ligger et tjern der det vokser en rød underart av vanlig hvit vannlilje. Etter det jeg vet, er disse temmelig sjeldne. De er ikkke beskrevet i «Floraen i farger». Jeg har i lenger tid hadd som plan å fotografere disse, og i dag bød anledningen seg  – sammen med min kone, Tone.

At Jegersberg, outside Kristiansand, there is a pond where I and my wife found a rare subspecies of White Waterlilly which is almost completely red. I’ve planned to photograph these al long time already, and today it was the right time. So here they are:


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  1. I thot these were taken in some exotic country – I was surprised to find they were taken in my back yard!!! Incredible pix´s especially the one with the bird. I didn´t realize the white lillies were a rare species.

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